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About Higher Ground

Information and Features

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Server IP Addresses

You can direct connect to the servers at the following ip addresses. If you're new to Neverwinter Nights, take a look at the Getting Started Guide for more information about connecting to NWN servers.

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  • 119 - (roleplay)
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  • Hub 2 -
  • 212 -
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There are dozens of features of Higher Ground that set it apart from other games and Neverwinter servers. Here are some of them.

Design Philosophy

  • Game Balance:
  • We recognize the importance of challenging players at every level of play. Simply increasing player power without adding challenges to match results in a play experience that quickly grows old. Leveling on Higher Ground is fast but not effortless, and the dangers only increase as you progress. Players must learn new tricks, advance their skills, and hone their character builds in order to prosper.

  • Engineering Player Choices:
  • We understand the enjoyment many players derive from experimenting with different playstyles and character builds. In order to maximize opportunities for such enjoyment, we constantly strive to make every class, feat, skill, spell, and ability useful during play, while balancing the requirements of such abilities to ensure players a wide range of options in designing and playing any given type of character.

  • Immersion:
  • We strive to create an immersive play environment, shaped by a love of table-top, 'pen and paper' Dungeons & Dragons. To this end, we rely heavily on 3.0 and 3.5 D&D Sourcebooks, both in creating environments for players to explore, and in crafting the enemies they will face. You'll recognize many landmarks, like the Pillar of Skulls in Avernus, and many enemies you face will have descriptions, appearances, and abilities drawn directly from source material.

  • Respect for our Players:
  • We know that a server is nothing without its players, and we grasp the incredible value of playtest and feedback. It is for this reason that we call ourselves a beta server, and actively solicit player feedback. In many cases players will participate directly in the creation of new content, and all of our staff are chosen from our playerbase by a process of player nomination. Furthermore, we place a high premium on our players' leisure time, and spend considerable amounts of development time to avoid wasting it whenever possible. We avoid heavy-handed rules, preferring scripted solutions. Outside of player vs. player conflict, you are generally free to do whatever you like while you are logged in to HG, without having to worry about breaking some obscure rule.


  • A Vibrant Playerbase:
  • Higher Ground has a community large enough to take advantage of all the sever has to offer, yet small enough to feel like you are spending an evening gaming with friends, instead of being relegated to the role of tank #3245 on a 10,000+ player server. We are, in a sense, a mini-MMORPG. Higher Ground is a predominantly English-language server, but you will see players from across the globe represented, from all age categories. Our server's population is among the most friendly and mature out there, and most of them are eager to help newcomers learn the ropes.

  • An Active, Engaged, and Accessible Staff:
  • Higher Ground has very active and involved DM and Development Teams. There is typically at least one DM on the servers at any given time, in order to help resolve issues or problems as quickly as possible. The server is constantly under development, adding new content and tweaking the old in response to player feedback. The DM staff loves interacting with players, and holds dm-run events on a regular basis, where anything can, and often does, happen.

  • Party Play:
  • Higher Ground is designed and balanced with party play in mind. No one class out-performs the other classes at everything, so player skill and teamwork can factor more heavily in your chances of success than the make up of your character. The gameplay feels like a 'pen and paper' D&D session, but your computer does all the dice rolls, character sheet updates, and rule lookups for you, while you get to enjoy the action and banter with your party, fully immersing yourself in the adventure.

Software, Support, and Information

  • Higher Ground Enhanced:
  • Higher Ground Enhanced, or HGE, is an optional set of files that adds additional visual effects, enhanced descriptions, and a number of new game play mechanics. It is completely optional, so that players new to the server can try it out without having to download anything further. HGE is utilized by our Development team in making many of the unique changes we have made to the game, however, so it comes strongly recommended, once you've decided to stick around.

  • ARF2:
  • ARF2 is a tool written by a member of our Development Team. It will download and apply the various files you need to log in and play on Higher Ground, including the NWN 1.69 Critical Rebuild Patch, the Community Expansion Pack version 2.3c, the latest version of Higher Ground Enhanced (if you choose to install it), and some optional custom client changes. ARF2 helps to streamline the installation process greatly, and comes strongly recommended. You can find it available for download in our Installation Guide.

  • SIMTools:
  • SIMTools is an ingame set of commands available for players to use, and like ARF2, it was written by a member of our Development Team. Like HG, it has long held a spot in the top-ranked NWN Vault content of all time, sitting in the #2 spot, just below our Legendary Level system in the top-ranked script systems. It grants players access to an incredible array of options to streamline their play experience. The commands range in purpose from interserver communication and information gathering, to interface customization, and much more. Many, like !who, are designed to mimic other online chat programs and utilities. Anyone logging in to HG will have access to these commands without having to download anything.

  • The Forums:
  • The Higher Ground forums are the out-of-game nexus of the community - a one-stop shop for all your questions, ideas, and concerns about Higher Ground. They contain a wealth of information about the server, and are checked many times a day by our staff, so questions and concerns are quickly addressed. They are also the primary means by which players contribute to the development of Higher Ground, both passively, through the offering of ideas, and actively, by collaborating with the Development Team.

  • Webdash:
  • HG Webdash is a great resource for keeping up with what's going on in-game, when you aren't in-game yourself. It shows the basic interserver chat channels, and shows which players are on what server.


  • Expanded Levels:
  • Higher Ground is the home of the Higher Ground Legendary Level system. It allows players to continue leveling past the level 40 limit set by Bioware, greatly expanding the horizons of the game. This scriptset revolutionized persistent world play, and, much like Higher Ground itself, has long held the #1 spot on Neverwinter Vault. Higher Ground has meshed the system with its other systems in a way that far surpasses the public version, however, linking it to spells, class abilities, and much, much more. That isn't the end, either - Higher Ground will soon debut Paragon levels, allowing players to level up to level 80, and offering a host of powerful new abilities.

  • Subraces:
  • Higher Ground has a 'true' race/subrace system, with ability bonuses that apply directly to the character's base abilities, bonus feats and skills, altered appearances, and more. With well over a hundred possibilities to choose from, there's something of nearly every size and shape for you to play.

  • Class Edits and Quasi-Classes:
  • Each character class on Higher Ground has been painstakingly balanced, both to ensure that they are fun to play and can contribute to the party as a whole, and also to ensure that their power is in line with the other class options. In furtherance of this balancing, we've made extensive edits to the base class abilities in Neverwinter Nights, changing old abilities, and adding new ones. In addition to those class changes, we also feature many quasiclasses: atypical class combinations with specially scripted powers that make them something entirely unique to HG. From the flame-throwing Bloodfire Mage to the arcane melee Staffmaster, there's something new to try for even the longtime Neverwinter Nights player.

  • Spell Edits:
  • Higher Ground's spells have undergone extensive modifications, for the same reason motivating our class edits: to make each uniquely useful. Furthermore, casting classes can obtain powerful custom epic spells, and dozens of new spells have been added by means of Higher Ground Enhanced. We have also implemented the pen-and-paper spellcasting abilities of assassins and blackguards, giving them spellcasting abilities akin to those of the ranger and paladin.

  • Skill and Feat Edits:
  • Higher Ground features a large number of completely new feats, many taken directly from pen-and-paper Dungeons & Dragons. Characters can take all weapon feats for any weapon, including nonstandard Community Expansion Pack weapons, via custom edits to the game engine. These feats include new feats such as Greater Weapon Focus, Power Critical, and Superior Critical, which are not normally available in Neverwinter Nights. Nearly every old feat and skill has been edited to be useful as well, from extra armor AC and weapon AB from crafting skills, to extra spell damage from Lore.

  • Reincarnation:
  • Higher Ground has a custom character reincarnation system, to help players keep their characters current with server developments, as updates change build incentives. The system also offers players the ability to experiment with a build and change it for a moderate cost in experience points, instead of having to build an entirely new character from scratch.


  • Randomized Loot System:
  • With over 1600 hand-crafted items ranging in rarity from Common to Beyond Ultrarare, along with several thousand non-random loot drops, the loot system on Higher Ground is very diverse. It goes a step further, though - for all of those 1600 random items, item properties can be added or removed, the bonuses increased or decreased, and special augments can be added, including powerful master-class augments. The end result is a nearly infinite number of possible combinations - you never know what you might come across next in your journies.

  • Banking System:
  • Higher Ground allows players to share funds between their different characters - players can withdraw and deposit their gold with ease using the !wallet commands. Our persistent storage system allows for an unlimited number of bank chests to store your characters' items. Fortunate and dedicated players may also find a portable hole, which allows access to a single portable bank chest for use during adventuring.

  • Player Market:
  • The Wandering Wyrm in town is home to both Auction and Sales chests. These chests can be used to sell or auction items to other players. Items currently in the chests can also be viewed online in the HGWeb Market listing.

  • Ixion's Forge:
  • Ixion, a mysterious entity, will craft items for players for a price, if they can locate him, and if they can find the needed components, which are usually esoteric and difficult to procure. It's often worth the effort, though, since he can make a variety of changes that can greatly increase an item's usefulness.

  • Weapon Enhancement:
  • The alchemist in town allows you to customize your weapon's damage types, provided you can find the correct gems types while out adventuring. This allows meleers to craft their weapons to their specific needs, or to make them maximally effective against a given type of enemy.

  • Crafting:
  • Higher Ground features a full crafting system that even allows players to customize the look of their character's arms and armor. There are literally thousands of combinations, ensuring that your character will look like no other. One of the comments we hear often from ex-WoW players is how great it is to not look like Dwarf fighter #452 on the server.


  • Epic Scale:
  • Higher Ground is truly massive in scope, featuring nearly 600 unique areas. Even many of our veteran players have yet to visit all of these areas or explore all the hidden secrets of Higher Ground. These are not areas churned out in rapid succession, but ones built in a lengthy development process, with many revisions, and packed with content, to ensure they look as good as possible. Seeing everything that Higher Ground has to offer would require thousands of hours of playtime.

  • Legendary Locales and Storied Foes:
  • Higher Ground breathes life into many mythic locations referenced in pen-and-paper Dungeons & Dragons source material but rarely explored in home-based campaigns. Players can delve the depths of the Underdark, explore the mystical Feywild, visit the Elemental Planes, battle their way through all Nine Hells, Hades, and the Abyss, face the madness of the Far Realm, and confront some of the greatest villains in D&D lore - as well as much, much more.