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A Look at Higher Ground Through Screenshots and Videos

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These videos offer just a glimpse at the action and adventure of Higher Ground. Please note that some of them contain outdated server information, like old webpages and server ip addresses. Current information can be found on the About and Links pages linked in the scrollbar above. When you click a video to play it, you will be taken to a new page. From there, if you double click on the video, you can toggle it to fullscreen.

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These screenshots help illustrate the dizzying variety of places to explore on Higher Ground. Mouse-over the thumbnails to view the titles; click to view the full-sized picure.

Grazz't's Throne Room Resin Seas of Zionyn Gate of Fire in Orcusgate Frozen Wastes of Thanatos Everlost in Oblivion's End Bargaining with Orcus Sacrificial Altar Summoning Chamber Elemental Plane of Air Elysian Phoenix Pelor's Fortress of the Sun in Thalasia The River Styx, Avernus Battling Tiamat The Pillar of Skulls, Avernus Battling Mephistopheles Crossing a Bone Bridge on Abysm Malagard, Maladomini Treacherous Defiles of Malbolge The Serpent's Coil, Nessus Tortured Petitioner Volcanic Wastes of Phlegethos Oinos, The Grey Waste Lost in Hades The Spawning Stone, Limbo