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2012-02-20 Module Update

Spell Edits and Bugfixes


  • Spells
    1. - Changed Magic Missle, ILMS, IGMS, and Missile Barrage to Force damage instead of Magic damage. Force damage is similar to Magic damage, but only respects half of a target's Magic damage immunity, and does not respect Magic damage resistance.
    2. - Changed Horrid Wilting to Desiccating damage instead of Magic damage. Desiccating damage is similar to Negative damage, but does not respect any damage resistance, and instead of respecting Negative damage immunity, it only respects one third of the target's Negative damage immunity, plus one third of the target's Fire damage immunity.
    3. - GI handbombs will no longer disappear when they run out of uses for the day, so they will stay hotbarred.
  • Leveler
    1. - The legendary leveler has been updated to show skill point base levels plus paragon bonuses next to skill picks, and to allow taking 5 and 10 points in a skill at once.
  • Shifter
    1. - Any class with Wildshape can now take Form Defense feats in Legendary and Paragon levels.
  • Bugs
    1. - Playerinfo readout fixed to accomodate paragon levels.
    2. - Kendrick's Foul Conversion fixed so that creatures affected don't use specials.
    3. - PC Scrye and chat commands updated to show Herald, DSM, and GI documentation.
    4. - Fixed issues preventing Paragon of Stability, Paragon of Polymathy, Paragon KD Avoidance feats, and Legendary/Paragon Disarm/KD feats from displaying properly.
    5. - Capped the paragon spell Astral Grasp at 10,000 temporary hit points per character.
    6. - Fixed a bug causing the Paragon Arcane Abjuration epic to wipe entire boss opening spawns.
    7. - Fixed a bug causing BFM/DSM Firebrand/Ball Lightning spells to strip all Fire/Electrical resistance.
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2012-02-18 Module Update

Paragon Levels!

  • Paragon Levels
    1. Paragon Levels are finally here! They have been documented in full in the journal entry on legendary levels, but we'll cover highlights here.
    2. Characters gain a total of 2 ability points in each of the 6 ability scores over paragon levels.
    3. Characters gain a total of 3 skill points each paragon level. Skill level is capped at 63, but skill points taken in a skill over that amount will still count to offset hostile environment penalties.
    4. Characters gain one point of ab for each 4 paragon levels.
    5. Characters continue to gain feats every three levels, with the first falling on level 63, 3 levels after the last gained in legendary levels.
    6. Characters gain +5 to all saves during paragon levels.
    7. Class levels, casterlevels, and bard song levels are completely unaffected by paragon levels unless specifically indicated otherwise. The sole exception to this rule at present is that paragon levels DO count towards increasing damage dice of epic spells and paragon spells.
    8. New paragon feats include the following:
      • - Paragon Ability Check Feats - These feats add a bonus of 4 to all ability checks related to the specified ability score.
      • - Paragon Environment Feats - These feats add environmental survival abilities, or reduce hostile environment penalties.
      • - Paragon of Polymathy - Requires CC Wizard, grants a casting of a paragon spell of your choice, of any school (except your barred school, if you are a specialist).
      • - Paragon Save Feats - An extension of legendary feats, though with different bonuses.
      • - Paragon Skills Feats - Can be taken up to three times, adding 30 skill points each time.
      • - Paragon Spell Feats
        1. -- Paragon Spell Focus feats require the respective Legendary Focus and add an additional 2 to the chosen school's spell DCs.
        2. -- Paragon Spell Penetration requires Legendary Spell Penetration and adds 2 to the check to beat a creature's SR.
        3. -- Paragon Spell Knowldge feats require knowledge of therespective epic spell, and either Paragon Spell Focus in the school, or wizard specialization in the school. They grant the ability to cast the school's paragon spell, and a second casting of the school's epic spell. Epic spells that already have more than one casting have their castings doubled, and toggleable epic spells with counters have their counters burn at half the normal rate.
      • - Paragon of Stability - Grants the character a second roll to avoid knockdown effects.
      • - Paragon Toughness Feats - Paragon Toughness 1-10 feats add 100 hit points to the character's total each.
      • - Paragon Weapon Focus - Paragon Weapon Focus feats require Legendary Weapon Focus in the specified weapon and add +2 to your AB with that weapon.
      • - Paragon Weapon Specialization - Paragon Weapon Specialization feats require Legendary Weapon Specialization in the specified weapon and add +8 to all damage done with that weapon.
      • - Paragon Form Focus feats - For shifter forms, continue form scaling and add 2 dc to form abilities.
      • - Paragon Form Defense - Adds 3 ac to all shifter forms.
      • - Paragon Knockdown and Disarm - These add 2 ab to the check and a small area-of-effect to knockdown and disarm.
  • New Spells
    1. We've added a variety of new spells, mostly lower-level divine spells, to help round out those levels.
    2. Creeping Cold (Cl 2), Heat Body (Dr 2), Caustic Gel (Dr 2), Static Charge (Cl 2), Monotonous Echo (Bd 2) - these are damage-over-time single target spells that also inflict damage resistance reduction while active
    3. Life's Grace (Cl 5 Pl 4) - single target versin of Uneath's Eternal Foe.
    4. Last Breath (Dr 4) - resurrection spell that only works on targets dead 3 rounds or less.
    5. Pesticide (Dr 4) - single target Vermin-killer, like Defoliate is for plants.
    6. Divine Retribution (Cl 3) - single target short range bolt inflicts sacred or divine damage depending on caster's alignment.
    7. Primal Vengeance (Dr 3) - single target bolt inflicts primal damage.
  • New Feats
    1. In addition to paragon feats, we've added some other new feats
    2. Legendary Knockdown and Disarm - these add 2 ab to the check and have other effects - details in the journal.
    3. Superior Disarm - implemented as a WM epic class feat - reduces wait on fast-action disarm from 6 seconds to 3.
    4. Superior Knockdown - implemented as a WM epic class feat - reduces wait on fast-action kd from 6 seconds to 3.
    5. Legendary Form Defense - Adds 3 ac to all shifter forms, stacks with Paragon form defense above.
  • Class Feat Additions
    1. Added Power Critical, IC, GWF to WM class feat 2da.
    2. Druids should now properly get EMA as an available epic bonus feat.
  • New Quasiclass
    1. The Gnomish Inventor is finally done! Details available in the journal.
  • BFM/DSM Edits
    1. Buffet DC is now equal to BFM/DSM levels plus constitution modifier. For non-BFM/DSM, dragon disciple buffet is also changed, to disciple levels plus con mod, but no longer counting legendary levels.
    2. Firebrand/Ball Lightning now inflicts only a single damage type, and inflicts 2/- per 10 casterlevels in resistance debuffs.
    3. Hellball now does (casterlevel*3/2)d20 of either fire or electrical. Creatures that heal off of the caster's element will take lowest exotic damage type instead.
    4. Fireball/Scintillating Sphere now inflict 1% per 6 caster levels damage vulnerability.
  • Area Edits
    1. Many bosses have been modified with special behaviors if summons are present when they spawn. Only way to find out is to try and see!
    2. The illithid mindstill is now taken by the pedestal in Axis Eurundia again, instead of at the entrance to the Overmind.
    3. Abyssal ant swarms now do half damage to characters with Druid as their control class.
  • Item Edits
    1. Added new assisin gloves on the Hand in the Pit of Moliation.
    2. Added a cure disease rod in the hell store.
  • Bug and Exploit Fixes
    1. Fixed a bug with GetRarity function causing errors in electrifying, crafting and item listing.
    2. Fixed a bug preventing application of deafness to all but silenced players and creatures.
    3. Fixed a bug causing Time Stop to kill summons, familiars, and companions.
    4. Fixed a bug causing dragon-cast Time Stop not to get augmented duration.
    5. Fixed a bug disallowing CEP Weapon Focus feats at first level.
    6. Crashed and hung servers will now reset automatically after 15 minutes.
    7. Casting Wall of Stone will now break sanctuary.
    8. Trapmaker traps are now stack-limited like Delayed Blast Fireball.
    9. Documentation for heralds will now show properly ingame and on the forums.
    10. Greater magic fang has now been fixed, and capped at +16 enhance.
    11. Other bug and exploit fixes.
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We Have a New Website!


Welcome to the new website! On this page you'll find updates on the goings-on on Higher Ground, including blogs by developers and module updates.

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2012-01-22 Module Update

New BUR Loot!

  • Items
    1. 11 New BURs Added!
    2. BUR subrace droprate increased, UR subrace droprate decreased.
  • Miscellaneous
    1. Accomplishment listing updated to reflect that the Ruined Academy Headmaster no longer has a level cap.
    2. Characters on a server when it crashes will now be able to log in to other servers after a 15 minute wait, without the crashed server being reset.
  • Bug and Exploit Fixes
    1. Quivering Palm is now properly consumed when it strips critical immunity.
    2. Shackling now properly blocks the shackler from obtaining level-capped tags.
    3. Other bug and exploit fixes.
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2012-01-17 Module Update

Summons, Quasis, Items, and bugfixes

  • Summons
    1. Visage of Doom, Call of Nature's Wrath, and Ensnare Balor should now work properly for pre-immortal characters.
    2. Creatures summoned in Oinos should remain under the caster's control.
    3. Friendly AoEs should no longer affect a summoned or dominated creature's AI.
    4. Added the "!summonname NAME" SimTool command to set a name to all summoned creatures to tie logger data together. You can enter "!summonname clear" to remove a given name.
    5. Added the "!summonport" SimTool command to teleport summoned (not dominated) creatures to the caster if neither the caster nor the creature is in combat.
  • Quasiclasses
    1. Heralds of Storm created after this update will no longer see regular and Greater Spell Penetration in the Legendary Levels feats menu.
    2. Warchanters will now properly receive their Warcry benefits, rather than sole critical hit immunity.
  • Items
    1. The PCScry will now report your maximum bid on items as well as the current price of the item.
    2. The Items merchant in Fine Crafted Import will once again be accepting rare and valuable gems.
    3. The Armor Merchant will once again be purchasing beetle bellies.
    4. The Lifebane Crown now has properties on it!
    5. The bonus DC robes from Harthoon now state all use requirements, and the wizard robe has been fixed.
    6. The old lady in the Merchants Emporium will no longer sell deprecated items.
    7. Hive Set Useables have been implemented.
  • Bugfixes
    1. Firebrand can once again be targeted on the ground.
    2. Modrons should now be properly immune to timestop.
    3. Please report any bugging auction items, posting your complete log data and steps to replicate the bug (if any).
    4. Other bug and exploit fixes.
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2011-11-30 Module Update

Summons, Areas, Creatures, and bugfixes

  • Summons
    1. Summon ABs tweaked again. Most spells were moved down slightly, while epics and Stone of the Earth Mother summons remain the same.
    2. The cleric death domain summon now scales properly like other summoning spells, using illusion foci.
    3. The Shelgarn's Persistent Blade and Mordenkainen's Sword spells now scale like other summoning spells, but in the schools of evocation and transmutation respectivley. They share a new 'summon' in legendary levels, as well.
    4. Mummy Dust and Dragon Knight now use Cleric + Druid + Sorcerer + Wizard + (7/6*Palemaster) for caster level, including LLs if CC is one of those classes. Dragon Disciple levels are also counted (including LLs if CC is DDisc) if the character is a Bloodfire Mage or Dragonstorm Mage.
  • Area
    1. Area entry scripts have been reworked module-wide. Please let us know if you see anything out of the ordinary, like NPCs not spawning properly.
    2. The Maze is now accessible to mortals.
  • Creatures
    1. Creatures following pcs across a transition no longer attack immediately; instead they wait a few seconds, giving the player addiitonal time for their client to load. Some attacks of opportunity will still occur - we await player feedback on the need for further edits (like stopping the attacks of opportunity altogether), which would require more development time.
    2. Tweaked AI to help prevent creatures from attacking their allies. Please let us know if you still see this occuring.
    3. Fixed Bug preventing Lolth from granting 'no immo' tag with players in party shackled to 40.
  • Bugfixes
    1. Fixed Echoes of Creation (properly this time).
    2. Fixed issue giving too much bonus with !opt tauntpersuade in shifter pixie form.
    3. Other bugfixes.
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2011-11-18 Module Update

More Summoning changes, bugfixes

  • Summoning
    1. Pariahs can no longer summon familiars.
    2. Normal summoning spells will no longer sometimes summon paragons.
    3. Epic spells will summon P1 paragons at casterlevel 50, and P2 paragons at casterlevel 60.
    4. Summon Familiar and Animal Companion now properly count legendary levels, and allow complementary class levels to stack (Druid/Ranger and Wizard/Sorcerer).
    5. Fixed areawide bardsong not working on summons.
    6. Put in a new scaling for summonses to rebalance their power. We'll try this for 4-5 days and see where we stand.
    7. Resolved issues with summons killing the following creatures: Ancient Guardians, Lolth's Avatars, and Living Darkness.
    8. Summons now properly check for environmental survival on first being summoned.
    9. Summon names now surrounded by tildes to distinguish them for loggers.
  • Bugfixes
    1. Fixed smites other than fire not working under water.
    2. Fixed a bug causing paragons to lose all monster damage on their main-hand weapon instead of gaining some. Expect some added pain...
    3. Other bugfixes.
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2011-11-06 Module Update

Summoning Spells and Market

  • Summoning Spells
    1. Many summoning spells have been redone to scale closely to caster power, taking into account various factors like class level or caster level, focuses, skills, and more. More detailed information is available in the journal.
      • - Animal Companion and Summon Familiar - now scale up in power beyond the normal level scaling, and continue to scale in legendary levels
      • - Summon Creature 1-9 - in addition to scaling, the old custom elemental summons from levels 20-40 have been removed, and new summons added for casters with 40 hit dice or more, which continue to scale with caster level; you can specify the type of summon you get with the new !opt summonele command.
      • - Lesser/Greater/Planar Binding, Planar Ally, Animate Dead, Create/Greater Undead, Greater/Shadow Conjuration, Shades - in addition to scaling, new summons have been added for casters with 40 hit dice or more, which continue to scale with caster level.
      • - Epic Dragon Knight, Epic Mummy - in addition to scaling, these now last 1 turn / casterlevel, and a new summon is gained at level 40, which also scales. The old items have been removed, and these work off of feats only now.
      • - Blackguard Create Undead, and the palemaster abilities Animate Dead, Summon Undead, and Summon Greater Undead - in addition to scaling, new summons are gained at level 40, which also scale.
      • - Blackguard Summon Fiend, Shadowdancer Summon Shadow - in addition to scaling, new summons are gained at level 40, which continue to scale. The old items have been removed, so that these work off of the feat. The Epic feats gives a substantial boost to the creatures' power, but are not required.
      • - Ensnare True Denizen, Call Earthchild, and Vision of Doom have been changed to summon creatures more powerful than even those available at the highest levels of the normal summon spells, which scale with caster power. Call Earthchild has been renamed to Call Nature's Wrath and summons an Avatar, and Vision of Doom now summons a Death Phasm.
      • - Stone of the Earth Mother - now summons the same thing for rangers and druids, which scale with caster power; you can specify the type of summon you get with the new !opt summonele command: treant, roc, xorn, lava lurker, or water drake.
    2. Accursed Pariahs are unable to cast summoning spells, though they can still use familiars.
    3. Bloodfire and Dragonstorm Mages now have Summon Creature spells as quasi spells, but are blocked from using the !opt summonele command, and may only summon from their respective elements - fire and air.
    4. Many summons have one or more environmental survival abilities (levitation/flight, waterbreathing, passwalling, firewalking). These have been carefully chosen, but if you feel a particular summons should have one of these and doesn't, please feel free to make your case on the forums.
    5. Using empower and maximize metamagics will produce more powerful summons.
    6. We have deliberately (and temporarily) left the summons debug code on so that you can see roughly what modifications are being made to the creatures as they scale in power. We fully expect to have to make some adjustments in power, and want your input (there are a LOT to playtest). When deciding whether or not a summon is as survivable or as effective as it should be, please bear in mind that we expect you to buff and heal them as feasible, using potions and/or spells. With all that in mind, we'll also be posting the full summoning scripts on the forums, for those of you looking for super-detailed information on scaling, etc.
  • Market
    1. The Market has been updated to use an E-Bay-style bidding system. Bidders are now prompted for their maximum bids, but their current bid is only raised to 1 gp above the next highest bid. This allows them to bid even when they are not on the server, in order to discourage 'ninja' bidding.
    2. Blocked market exploit - all items stolen from the market to date will be removed and returned to their rightful owners. Thefts from the market occurring after this update will result in serverwide messages naming the thief, and repeated market thefts after this update will result in banning. These thefts only occur by means of a deliberate exploit, so if you are only using the market normally, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Items
    1. Holy Avenger items now cast Lesser Spell Breach on hit instead, so that they scale better.
    2. Harper Scout Boots can now apply over Freedom of Movement spells, but not vice versa, allowing HSs to benefit from FoM's high-level grapple immunity.
    3. Monk pandect now changes description when toggled between SR and Stun.
    4. Hostile Environment potions are now functioning.
    5. Abyssal Dreamdraughts are now functioning.
    6. Biorevivifiers now function properly.
  • Spells
    1. Bards and Sorcerers can now gain Extra Spell Known feats properly before 60. The spells pedestal has been reset.
    2. Firebrand can now be properly targeted at ground again.
    3. Dispelling spells now give proper spell focus bonuses.
    4. Stormlord version of Nature's Balance now works properly with Extend Spell.
    5. Magic Vestment now works properly when targeted at creatures.
    6. Breath of the Beast no longer stacks with its own vulnerability infliction.
    7. Breath of the Beast, Fire Smite, and the Charisma artifact can no longer be used underwater.
  • Areas and Creatures
    1. Area despawns are now delayed by 3 minutes, to help prevent inadvertent despawns from crashing.
    2. The Desert area sand now respects passwall as well as levitate.
    3. Creatures no longer use special attacks when turned.
    4. Creatures are now even less likely to attack kd'd characters.
    5. Spinagon kd attack frequency has been reduced, and now requires line of sight to the target. It will also target closer pcs more often, now.
  • Miscellaneous
    1. Reimplimented saving throws to give back more verbose feedback, while upgrading engine handling for paragon spell and fail-on-1 feats (from an earlier hotpatch).
    2. Added 'all' option for wallet deposit command.
  • Bug and Exploit Fixes
    1. A bug causing tasks to error has been fixed. All tasks will be reset when this update drops, leaving characters free to complete any or all of them again if they wish.
    2. Half-Cyclops and Kender now properly qualify for LSA Listen and Taunt.
    3. Blank/missing journal entry problem fixed.
    4. Dragon Disciple fear aura now properly respects amnesia.
    5. Other bug and exploit fixes.
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2011-09-10 Module Update

Knockdown edits, item fixes, and bugfixes.

  • The player market is now able to handle randomized items.
  • UUU and Knockdown Edits
    1. UUU has been modified to remove its grant of knockdown immunity for everyone but the caster. The caster still gets kd immunity, but everyone else gets only a +10 to their ability check to avoid kd.
    2. Warchanter War Cry has been modified to grant only an 8 bonus against knockdown checks.
    3. Many enemies with knockdown attacks now use them much less often, including Malebranches, Pit Fiends, Mariliths, and Monadic and Movanic Devas.
    4. Enemy artificial intelligence now ignores knocked-down targets most of the time, instead of attacking them.
  • Item Fixes
    1. Obducement Against Objurgation now properly protects from the effects of song.
    2. Moliated/Boots of the Wanderer have been limited to one per player. The special power will not function with more - please ask a DM to remove any extra pairs.
    3. Command and Control Wrench implemented.
  • Bug and Exploit Fixes
    1. Fixed a rare instance where Greater Smite would fail to recharge properly.
    2. Fixed issue preventing bosses from spawning their allies in some cases.
    3. Gloves now show properly in !list ab.
    4. Other bug and exploit fixes.
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2011-07-31 Module Update

Items, Class edits, and bugfixes.

  • Miscellaneous
    1. Players with Good Old Games CD Keys are now warned to get a private key when logging in.
    2. Knockdown pickups, rezzing, destoning, and restoring are now all trackable by log parsers.
  • Bugfixes
    1. Fixed issue where monks would sometimes drown underwater.
    2. Fixed bug with Quivering Palm resulting in free uses of QP.
    3. Portaling between servers can no longer be done in combat, and no longer grants invulnerability.
    4. Cleric doman spells now count casterlevels properly for determining whether the cleric can cast the spell.
    5. Epic damage spell temporary vulnerabilities no longer stack with themselves.
    6. Task items are now awarded when a summon kills a task creature.
    7. Many other bug and exploit fixes
  • Items
    1. Susurrus of Sorcere is now limited to storing arcane spells.
    2. The Cord of Cambion Desire should now work properly.
    3. Rise and Shine should now work properly.
    4. Bioware poisons can now affect CEP weapons.
    5. Biorevivifiers now properly do a half-rest for epics, restoring half of 'ticks', and having a 50% chance to restore each single-use epic. They now share the biorejuvenator cooldown timer.
    6. The level 50 random UR weapons can now be buffed by Keen/GMW etc as normal.
    7. The Wrap of the Dark Prince's divine power is now removed when it is unequipped.
    8. Gelidian Orbs no longer consume an entire stack when one is used.
    9. The epic spell tokens have new appearances. Only newly gained spells will have the new appearances.
  • Class Edits
    1. Stormlord
      • - Added damage for Storm Avatar (Storm of Vengeance) fixed.
      • - Duration of Storm Avatar is now automatically doubled if the character knows the extend spell feat (having it on an item is not sufficient).
      • - Nature's Balance, when cast by a druid with over 30 dexterity and more dexterity than wisdom, is now Aura of Balance instead. The aura lasts for 10 rounds and inflicts a spell resistance penalty of casterlevel/4 on all enemies within it, with no saving throw allowed.
    2. Bane Knight
      • - BKs bigby 8 spell now deals half the normal amount of bludgeoning damage, and deals the same amount of vile damage in addition.
      • - BKs now add (casterlevel/10)d4 + 8 vile damage to bigby 9 repeating damage.
      • - Wrack is now a BK spell.
      • - At character level 60, vampiric touch is now a medium area-of-effect spell for BKs.
      • - BKs now get a bonus to spell penetration of strength modifier/4. This bonus does not stack with spell penetration feats.
    3. Shifter
      • - Please report any shifter form that is not benefitting from its Ego item bonus. They should all be working, but some may have slipped through the cracks.
      • - Humanoids with LFFHumanoid1, and Risen Lord, Leonal, and Demonflesh Golem forms with the approproate LFF1 feat now get an additional attack per round.
      • - Fairy Mock ability fixed, now properly granting a bonus of the difference between shifter level and Taunt score.
      • - Wyvern Snatch ability implemented, allowing the shifter to grab and toss an opponent for damage and kd.
      • - Baelnorn Empower Ally ability implemented, granting a bonus casterlevel to the target for 5 + (Shifter Form Focus*5) rounds. It requires LFFUndead1.
      • - Humanoid forms can now use the Player Tool 2 feat to resurrect dead partymembers, consuming rez scrolls and rods in their inventory.
      • - Kobold Set Trap ability implemented, allowing the shifter to to set a trap filled with stinging insects that deal pierce and acid damage and inflict fort and reflex save penalties.
      • - Sahuagin Net ability now properly shows on the radial.
      • - Modron Immobilization Trap implemented, allowing the shifter to set a trap that, when triggered, stuns all nearby for d6+1 rounds if they fail a will save.
      • - Modron Coruscating Beam Trap implemented, allowing the shifter to plant two laser beacons which inflict fire and positive damage on any hostiles passing between them if they fail a reflex save.
      • - Death Slaad Acid Spittle implemented, allowing the shifter to spit a glob of acid dealing d6 casterlevel damage.
      • - Crystal Golem Crystalline Matrix ability implemented, allowing the shifter to gain up to 32/+16 soak.
      • - Crystal Golem Daze Aura fixed, properly granting the ability to daze foes in a large aura on a failed will save, with LFFConstruct1.
      • - Demonflesh Golem Focused Immunity ability implemented, allowing the shifter to choose an elemental type to be granted extreme protection from. The type can be toggled with the !dam commands - see the journal for details.
    4. Purple Dragon Knight
      • - The Last Stand party standup ability has been increased in uses from 3, to 2 plus 1 per 10 levels, to a maximum of 8.
    5. Divine Slinger
      • - Slingers now only have one special stack of bullets instead of three. Their damage and effect commands are now allowed to overlap, meaning you can, for example, select fire damage and knockdown on the same bullet. Their commands have been retooled accordingly - check the journal for details.
      • - Slinger bullet main-type damage has been increased, to scale up to 12d8, with an additional maximum of 6d8 physical damage and 3d8 divine damage possible. This damage is integrated and will not cause additional kickback.
      • - Slinger knockdown bullets now cause 3 rounds of kd instead of 2.
      • - Slinger blindness bullets now have a silence effect as well.
      • - Slinger healing bullets now heal the slinger for 1 point per 8 points of heal skill, and heal allies around the slinger's target as well as the slinger.
      • - The following spells are now slinger spells, using full slinger level: remove fear, remove blindness/deafness, remove curse, remove disease, heal, greater restoration, resurrection, mass heal.
    6. Warchanter
      • - Joyful Noise, when cast by a WC, doesn't strip or block the application of bardsong, and grants silence immunity for 1 turn.
      • - Warcry, when cast by a WC, now grants a +10 bonus to all stat checks against knockdown.
      • - WCs now get Autostill 1 and 2 feats automatically upon attaining quasiclass status.
      • - Bard control-class WC's song now removes feat and grants 5 rounds of feat-level fear immunity.
      • - WC's Death of Magic spell now has a visual effect.
    7. Lifethreader
      • - Lifethreading is now a swift action.
      • - When set to slashing damage, threading now seeks out the pysical damage type the target is weakest to, and deals that damage type instead.
      • - Threading now has a small chance to do a lesser restoration on partymembers it heals - 5% chance per level of spell burned over 5, up to 20% for a level 9 spell.
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2011-07-05 Module Update

Subraces, CEP weapons, and bugfixes.

  • Subraces
    1. Added 9 new BUR subraces to the mod: Drow Noble, Sidhe, Half-Molydeus, Half-Cyclops, Cambion, Skaldclan, Stonebood, Thunderborn, Half-Cloud Giant. Details available in the journal.
    2. Modified Howler and Half-Guardinal subraces. Howler's -3 Wisdom was removed, and it was given 25% sonic immunity. Half-Guardinal was given 25% electrical immunity, Epic Energy Resistance Cold 1, Epic Energy Resistance Acid 1, and immunity to petrification.
  • Added CEP weapons to Temple of Tyr, Merchant's Emporium, and Finely Crafted Imports.
  • Bugfixes
    1. Locathah Spiny Fish now works properly.
    2. The spells pedestal will now tell Monks which survival abilities they have if they can't take any more.
    3. Hells useable weapon damage buffers like Gelidian Orb should now be functioning properly again, though you should not stack them when using them (to be fixed later).
    4. Monk Survival abilities no longer vanish on resting or login.
    5. Monk Quivernig Palm no longer affects minibosses.
    6. Theurges can now use arcane spell crystals without having Wizard control class.
    7. Other bugfixes.